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Spacious bedroom and lounge area.

A bedroom is one of the most private rooms of the home. It is unlikely that friends and family will spend much time in your bedroom, which may make it easier to express your personal style there. While home trends will likely be incorporated into bedroom design, including minimalism, eco-friendly design, natural, organic materials, and… Read more »

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color trends for a new year

The new year brings new beginnings: hopeful resolutions, fresh starts and emerging trends. When it comes to interior design trends, 2015 is the year of contemporary simplicity, environmentally friendly functionality, naturally lit, spacious design and personalized, meaningful decor. Using color well can transform your home to show the world who you are, so it is… Read more »

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Stroring Christmas Decorations for new Home Builders

Getting out the holiday decorations every year is always a thrill. Looking at each ornament and piece as it comes out of the box and remembering from where it came is fun and exciting – especially for little ones. Until you get to that broken one… or to the tangle of garland and lights that… Read more »

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Messy Designer's Table with Project Plan and Tools

While shag carpeting was all the rage in the 70s, faux wood paneling was big in the 80s and velvet animal print was popular in the 90s, today’s interior design trends incorporate more personalized, natural styles. As fashions change over time, each new style is influenced by those that came before it. This coming year,… Read more »

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holiday DIY for your new home

With family gatherings and holiday parties right around the corner, many homeowners choose the fall and winter months to make home improvements. Here are a few small projects that make big impacts. And, best of all, you can perform these upgrades yourself, without freezing up your holiday budget. Brighten things up with home lighting improvements… Read more »

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New homes in winter

If the polar vortex of early 2014 taught people anything, it is that when temperatures drop to extreme levels, utility prices skyrocket. Utility costs rise because of demand and the stresses that the demand and extreme temperatures have on the electrical grid. The stresses on the energy grid caused many utility companies to incur ancillary… Read more »

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Granite in new homes by Saddletree

Most people can appreciate the beauty of a granite counters, but not everyone realizes their strength. For example, did you know that granite is heat-resistant? Hot pots and pans can be moved directly from the stove or oven to the counter without leaving a mark. Granite is also incredibly scratch-proof. You can dice and chop… Read more »

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home theater for new homes in colorado springs

Take a stroll down the TV aisle of any electronics store and try to remember the last time you had to squint your eyes to see something clearly on a television screen. It’s difficult to imagine that as recently as 2005, TV’s provided only standard resolution. A few years later, HD resolution of 1080 was… Read more »

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winter yard preperation in colorado springs

Winter comes early in the year for the residents of Colorado Springs. Colorado is far enough north that it is common to see frost and a little bit of snow before Halloween. With this in mind, homeowners should start prepping their yards for winter in the months of October and November. The earlier you start;… Read more »

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Multiracial Thumbs Up Against Blue Sky

Master Planned Communities are becoming an increasingly popular choice for home buyers seeking comfort, convenience and genuine sense of community. A Master Planned Community is essentially a large-scale, planned community that encompasses residential units, fitness and recreational services, and business and retail units. Designed to be self-sufficient, master planned communities undergo rigorous planning from the… Read more »