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freshen up your entry this spring

Colorado often has winters that can seem to go on forever. After months of snow boots, thick jackets, and other wintertime necessities being dropped in your entry, it might be looking a little worse for the wear. A great way to get into the mood for springtime and warmer weather is to look at revamping your entryway.

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How we feel when we have another satisfied Saddletree Customer

  Every once in a while we like to share some of the stories and testimonies we receive from our buyers. With the amount of detail and positivity in this unsolicited testimonial we felt inclined to share it. We pride ourselves on our integrity and reputation, and we are ecstatic when we receive testimonies like… Read more »

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meet your neighbors

Congratulations! You have made the big move, often from one town to another. Whether you have changed jobs or simply chosen to live in a different location, moving to a new town can seem a little overwhelming and scary. A few ideas can help you get used to a new location, and feeling like a local.

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prepare kids for new school

Changing schools can be a challenge for kids, no matter what their age. Younger kids may find the prospect scary simply because change is frightening. Older children may find a new school daunting because they already have friends and activities. When a move requires switching schools, there are several things that you can do to help kids adjust to a new school.

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design a multifunctional guest room

Guest rooms often function not just as a place for Grandma to stay during a visit, but in other ways the rest of the year. Whether your guest room does double duty as a home office or a craft area or a meditation area, you can create a multi-functional area that is comfortable for any purpose.

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Think ahead when planning for new home

Buying a new home should be an exciting experience, especially when you are picking a home that you plan on living in for several years. There are some things to think about that can help ensure the process of home buying is a positive one.

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home insurance coverage

Homeowner insurance often falls into the long list of items that you have to get taken care of before closing on a new home. If the payments are made through an escrow account with your mortgage company, you may not think about your home insurance policy at all. Understanding your insurance policy is important, and you should definitely know basics before you need to make a claim.

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DIY or hire professional Moving company

Moving entails quite a bit of planning. Depending on whether you are planning a DIY move or hiring, you may need to prepare in different ways. Knowing the different benefits and drawbacks of each type of move will make your decision easier. There are 3 types of moves: a DIY move, a partial professional move, and a full professional move.