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The words “Interior Designer” often sound like something not quite within reach to most of us. We imagine fabulous LA designers flitting between the pool house and main house, or an HGTV Design marathon. These designers probably do exist, but they are not the everyday reality. Interior designers can be an invaluable asset as you design or redesign your home. We have compiled a few pros and cons of hiring a designer.

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flooring choices

Floor coverings set the tone for your entire home. Many factors go into making the best choice of flooring for your home, because you want a beautiful choice that works for your lifestyle. The choices seem limitless, but looking at how your family lives in your home can allow you to make the best choice.

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using nature to decorate

Nature has the ability to soothe and ground us like nothing else. Camping under the stars, hiking amongst swaying pines, or even just putting our hands in rich earth, are all moments that can remind us of the bigger picture. Studies show that spending time outdoors can alleviate mild depression, lower blood pressure, and relieve anxiety. With all of the amazing benefits of nature, bringing bits of it into our homes allows us to bring the calm into everyday living.

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DIY Landscaping

As you drive up to your home, think about what your landscaping and exterior say about what goes on inside your home. Chances are, you have the expanse of green lawn starting to appear in the springtime warmth. You probably have a tree out front, and a handful of shrubs or bushes. In the entry, you might have a wreath from the last holiday, and a faded coir mat by the door. A few simple tweaks to your landscaping and entry can add life and energy to your home’s exterior.

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Create a Pet Friendly Colorado Home

According to the National Humane Society, over sixty percent of homes include at least one pet. Millions of dogs and cats share our living spaces. They romp across our living room floors, drool water on our kitchen tile, and snuggle up on our furniture (whether we want them to or not). Since animals are such… Read more »

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Home Bar Design

Warmer weather and longer evenings invite more entertaining and taking time to enjoy  friends. Barbecues on the weekend, and last minute gatherings are a great reason to make sure that you have a well-stocked bar. A little planning ahead ensures that you can make your guests comfortable and the evenings enjoyable. Many Saddletree homes have… Read more »

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Colorado New Home Landscaping Tip - Saddletree Homes

2015 landscaping trends promise to be both stunning and doable. Every trend coming up this season encourages us to make our homes havens. Whether a trend appeals to our sense of smell or sound, or simply invites us to spend more time outside, each one makes the most of our outdoor space. Xeriscaping Xeriscaping is… Read more »

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Home lighting tips

Imagine walking into a room with one overhead light. No matter how beautiful and inviting the actual room is, chances are you won’t notice if you are squinting to see with the one bright light overhead. Now take the same room, add a couple of elegant table lamps, maybe some canned accent lighting over specific… Read more »

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Spring Lawn Tips Colorado

March rolls into Colorado with a strange mix of heavy snow and deceptively warm days. Both the snow and the sunshine can make almost all homeowners think about heading out to grab a trunkful of flowers and greenery to plant. But, it’s usually wiser to hold off on planting so soon. While March and April… Read more »

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Home Office for New Homes

Whether you simply use a home office as an occasional respite to pay bills or as a full-time hub of your business, it can be a wonderful addition to your home. We have some valuable tips to keep in mind when designing your home office. A desk serves as the heart of your office. Think… Read more »