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weekend bathroom updateBathrooms are often the last rooms that we think about customizing or remodeling, even though we spend quite a bit of time in them. We get ready for the day in our bathrooms, whether it is with a brisk hop through a shower or a longer routine with our makeup and hair. We wash away the remains of the day in the evening, whether it’s with a long soak in the tub or removing our makeup before our heads hit the pillows. We have 5 simple ideas that you can do in a weekend to make your bathroom work better for you, however you use the space.


The first thing to do is think about how you actually use the space in your bathroom. Do you lounge in the space, and ease into your day? Is it a place where you look forward to relaxing and winding down, or is it more important that you feel energized in the space? Do you share it with your significant other, or is it for you alone? Are you a wash and and go sort of person, or do you have several rituals that you do every morning? Once you have thought about how you use the space, you can start thinking about some easy ways to make your bathroom your own.


New Colors

Paint is one of the quickest and most dramatic ways to change a bathroom. Paint is also something that most of us can do over a weekend, with the right tools and a steady hand. A serene beachglass blue can create a spa-like place of respite. Greys continue to be popular colors for bathrooms, as they impart a crisp and clean feel. If you prefer neutrals, think about adding texture to the walls with wide stripes of color.


Custom Lighting

Another way to instantly add personality to your bathroom is with lighting. Most bathrooms come with fairly standard lighting around the mirror and a standard overhead light. There is no hard design rule that says these have to stay, so look at lighting that works for you. A pendant light overhead, or even a small chandelier can work, if that is your style.


Vanity lights around your mirror should fit how you use the space. If you apply your makeup here, make certain that you have clear and true lighting. Vanity lights can face upwards or downwards, so think about what works during your install- upwards is softer, and may cast more shadows. Downwards is brighter, and may work better for everyday use.


Artful Organization

A third idea that is easy to implement is to add storage to your bathroom. Storage doesn’t have to be the vinyl wicker over the toilet cabinets that our grandparents all used. Have fun with storage and customize it to your needs. Hang baskets on walls, use glass canisters to display everyday things in a pretty way. Use a cake pedestal to corral your lotions and makeup on a vanity. Ideas abound on the internet about fun ways to create storage in your bathroom. Search Pinterest or other sites for easy updates that you can do on your own!


Fresh Fixtures

Fixtures are a fourth way to instantly update your bathroom. Whether you go for the ever popular brushed nickel, or you decide to glam it up with gold, fixtures can change the entire look of a bathroom. This is also a great time to look at replacing your showerhead with one that works for you- there are showerheads that can massage or mimic a soft rain, for whatever you prefer.


Fabulous Flooring

Finally, if you are fairly adept at DIY home improvements, think about updating your flooring. Tile has never come in such an amazing variety, from dramatic metallics to long rectangular strips that mimic weather worn barn planks. Replacing flooring requires a little more experience and know-how, but it can be done over a weekend.


Bathrooms can go from drab to beautiful with just a few tweaks. Whatever you decide to do for your update, whether it is simply corralling your cosmetics in pretty containers, or replacing laminate with tile, enjoy making your bathroom a haven to come home to after a long day!