11 Ways to Celebrate Fall in Colorado!

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For many Americans fall is the favorite season. October is a beautiful month all over the country. But for many locals, fall in Colorado is spectacular. Aspen leaves turn to shimmering gold. Mountain vistas are breathtaking. The temperature generally stays in the mid ‘60’s. And there’s plenty of sunshine. You won’t want to miss local… Read more »

Labor Day Weekend Activities 2018 Colorado Springs

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More Summer

Labor Day is recognized as the first Monday in September and embodies both the social and economic successes of American Workers. In fact, Colorado along with Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York implemented the Labor Day holiday by legislative enactment in 1887 behind Oregon who secured state legislation earlier that same year. Per the U.S…. Read more »

6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Home Furnishings

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6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Home Furnishings

Once you have officially closed on your new home, the fun truly begins. If this is your first real home, you may need to upgrade from your college futon and your mattress on a floor. If you are simply moving from a smaller home to a larger one, you may be aware that some of your furnishings might need to be upgraded or replaced. We have a few helpful hints to ensure that you make wise decisions about the new furnishings that you purchase for your new home.

Summer Fun in the Springs

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Things to do this summer in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs has so many fun things to do in the warmer months that it is almost impossible to narrow down to a few. We have just a handful of summertime activities that are all within a few miles of your front door, and guaranteed to be fun whether you have family in town or are just looking for an adventure on your own!

5 Easy Bathroom Updates in a Weekend

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Bathrooms are often the last rooms that we think about customizing or remodeling, even though we spend quite a bit of time in them. We get ready for the day in our bathrooms, whether it is with a brisk hop through a shower or a longer routine with our makeup and hair. We wash away the remains of the day in the evening, whether it’s with a long soak in the tub or removing our makeup before our heads hit the pillows. We have 5 simple ideas that you can do in a weekend to make your bathroom work better for you, however you use the space.