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School is back in session officially.

Whether your children are just starting out in preschool, kindergarten, or elementary school or have graduated high school and left for the first year of college; there is a lot of excitement around the beginning of a school year and for some a level of anxiety.

Monday, 08/14/2017, marked the first day of school for Academy District 20, a Colorado Springs school district that has been well honored with academic, athletic, and artistic awards of excellence. If you’re new to the area, read more about some of the schools in Academy District 20.

For parents with students starting a new school in the district or even going back to a familiar school there are some basic tools to making the 2017-2018 school year successful.

Back to School in Colorado SpringsBack to School in Colorado Springs

  • Acknowledge and talk through their back-to-school anxiety. It’s tempting to say, you’ll be fine because you’ve been through it, but this is a big change especially for kids that are facing a brand new school. Here’s some tips to alleviate back-to-school anxiety.
  • Be involved in the school community as much as possible. If you’re new to the district, meet your neighbors, attend school events, and cultivate good relationships with your child’s teachers.  We are all partners in the educational and social development of your child’s future.
  • Establish technology device rules and appropriate screen times early in the school year. If this is already a struggle for your kids start with a Device-Free Dinner.
  • Begin or reclaim good school day routines. Back-to-school routines include: established homework times, screen times, bedtime and morning wake up times that are successful for your family. This also includes time for a healthy breakfast, and a realistic plan for getting out the door to school without too much stress. Organized but flexible and realistic routines help the whole family adjust to a new school year.
  • Set sensible age appropriate school year goals with your children and get the family involved. Goal setting teaches kids perseverance, time management, and responsibility.
  • Too many after school activities? There is a lot of debate or whether or not children can be overscheduled with activities. Parents, you know your kids best. The activities a child chooses to participate in after school can benefit them in many ways. But if it’s too much, and you see warning signs…don’t be afraid to end the activity or activities to include more family time or free time.
  • Slowdown and appreciate all of it…the joy and pride of watching your children learn as they grow, along with the inevitable struggles. Before you know it…you may be faced with a new challenge, coping with an empty nest.

 Are you ready to begin the 2017-2018 school year?