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tips for organizing your home this summer

Summertime is sneaking up on us, with warm weather activities just around the corner. Whether you and your family are into camping, swimming, or simply enjoying the outdoors in your neighborhood, a few tips about summertime organization can make your coming months more enjoyable!

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things to do for summer deck

The days are growing longer, and you probably feel the urge to venture outside more. Meals out on deck and hours spent enjoying the sun are part of a Colorado summer, but you want to make sure that your deck is ready for the season. We have a few helpful ideas to ensure that your deck is in tiptop shape for the coming months.

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Home decoration Tips

Even the most seasoned home decorators and interior designers benefit from a dash of inspiration from time to time. There are dozens (if not hundreds) of wonderful interior design websites and blogs on the Internet today. The list below features four of our favorites – each one chock-full of tips and trends to help you turn your living space into a work of art.

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meet your neighbors

Congratulations! You have made the big move, often from one town to another. Whether you have changed jobs or simply chosen to live in a different location, moving to a new town can seem a little overwhelming and scary. A few ideas can help you get used to a new location, and feeling like a local.

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prepare kids for new school

Changing schools can be a challenge for kids, no matter what their age. Younger kids may find the prospect scary simply because change is frightening. Older children may find a new school daunting because they already have friends and activities. When a move requires switching schools, there are several things that you can do to help kids adjust to a new school.