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December is overflowing with fun activities, whether you are looking for something for the whole family or just adults. While Colorado Springs is a wonderful place year round, the holiday months are especially full of great options. We have a few ideas to let you know what a diverse array of great activities are available!

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It’s almost that time of year again. You may think that it is far away, but the holidays are right around the corner. Whether you like to decorate your home from top to bottom, or simply place a tasteful candle in each window, planning your decorating in advance can keep the process peaceful. Easy decorating means that you will have more time during the holidays to actually enjoy them. We have a few ideas that can help with your decorating, and might even be fun!

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The two words “property taxes” are enough to strike fear in the heart of any homeowner. Property taxes are a basic cost that you agree to pay when you close on your home, much like a mortgage payment or homeowners insurance. Knowing some basic information about property taxes can help make them a little less frightening.

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The 2008 recession affected the entire country, but it hit some areas harder than others. 2008 was not as brutal in Colorado as it was on the West Coast or in Arizona, but the local housing market definitely felt an impact. Some builders left the local market, foreclosures rose, and sellers of homes saw the market almost come to a stop. Several years later as we approach 2016, all indicators point to a market that is strong once again.

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When you are purchasing a home, the list of things to do often seems a bit overwhelming. Some steps can even feel as if they are repeats of prior steps. People often think that home appraisals and home inspections are the same thing. They are actually two very important and different parts of the home buying process, and we have explanations of both.

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Do these 10 things after closing

You have gone through the entire process of buying your new home. From house hunting to making an offer to your final walkthrough, you have made it through every last step. Every last document has been signed and dated, and you literally hold the keys to your future in your hand. It may seem like the process is finished, but it is really just beginning. We have a few of the first steps that you should take after your closing.