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Model homes and houses we covet on HGTV all have one thing in common that differs from reality: those homes have no clutter. No piles of paper on the kitchen table, no heap of shoes by the front door, no guest bedroom swamped with out-of-season, out-of-date, out-of-sight mounds of stuff. This isn’t practical for most of us on a daily basis, but we have 10 fundamental tips that might help control the clutter.

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Simple Bedroom Updates

The last place that you lie your head down at night, and the first place that you see when you hit snooze on your alarm clock is your bedroom. It should be a place that invites calm and tranquility, but often your bedroom is anything but calm. It may have a treadmill and stacks of to-do papers, several baskets of laundry, and any other assortment of the vestiges of everyday life. We have several ideas to make your bedroom a little more inviting, most of them projects that can be done in just a short time over the weekend.

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trends in dining room design

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the dining room is a close second. Whether we are having a small intimate dinner or a large dinner party, our dining areas are where guests naturally congregate. Food brings people together, no matter the occasion. We have brought together several dining room trends that will help make your area even more inviting. Whether you incorporate them on a grand level or just in small touches, these ideas promise to make your dining area delicious.

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Flying Horse Homes

  Every detail thought out, from the smallest to the most expansive. Lush landscaping that echoes Colorado’s natural beauty. Homes made from materials that hearken back to a time of true craftsmanship. An eighteen hole golf course designed by Tom Sweiskopf. Panoramic views of purple mountain majesties, and some of Colorado’s most sweeping landscapes. The… Read more »

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outdoor kitchen

Owning a home in Colorado means that most of us try to figure out how to spend more time enjoying the Colorado outdoors. Whether we buy a house with mountain views, or just try to tailor our home to more outdoor living, any additional time outside is usually welcome. Outdoor kitchens are a great way to expand living space and take advantage of the beautiful Colorado mountain air.

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The words “Interior Designer” often sound like something not quite within reach to most of us. We imagine fabulous LA designers flitting between the pool house and main house, or an HGTV Design marathon. These designers probably do exist, but they are not the everyday reality. Interior designers can be an invaluable asset as you design or redesign your home. We have compiled a few pros and cons of hiring a designer.

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using nature to decorate

Nature has the ability to soothe and ground us like nothing else. Camping under the stars, hiking amongst swaying pines, or even just putting our hands in rich earth, are all moments that can remind us of the bigger picture. Studies show that spending time outdoors can alleviate mild depression, lower blood pressure, and relieve anxiety. With all of the amazing benefits of nature, bringing bits of it into our homes allows us to bring the calm into everyday living.