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Not surprisingly, Dream Home Office Pinterest boards have been getting a lot of repins lately. While it’s difficult to find reliable data for how many Americans work at home, telecommuting is desirable for many reasons. Little or no commuting is not only good for the environment but is a huge money and time saver. And working in the comfort of your own home surrounded by the things you love is very doable with all of the advancements in communication and technology. There’s also the flexibility of being able to work whenever you want to or need to. Telecommuters are able to take short productive breaks for household tasks and most importantly, spend more time with their families . If work/life balance was one of your resolutions this year and you’re not working from home it’s something to think about. Many companies  like using telecommuters because it ultimately saves them money and for the worker who works better without distractions, studies have shown that productivity is increased up to 19% according to a Stanford University study.

If you are building your home or just starting the planning process is there a dream home office in your plans? Must haves in most home office plans include versatile and effective storage and organizational systems, touches of luxury and comfort, the best in technology, ergonomic office furniture and of course a stunning view. A November article in the Wall Street Journal reported on The New Executive Home Office, high-end sanctuaries that feature custom desks, shelving and amazing creative spaces that while may be out of the budgets for many American workers can help to inspire your dream home office.

While built in bookcases used to be the norm for traditional home offices, architectural designs are now featuring more luxury elements and plenty of comfortable space for entertaining family, friends and clients. They are also closely looking at the needs of the user’s career. Will they be entertaining clients in the home office? Do they need specialized tables, desks or equipment that should fit into the decor? How often will they be using the home office? If your work-at-home job is predominantly spent in online meetings or on the phone soundproofing your space should also be a consideration.

The era of the boxy home office is over. A dream home office can encompass all of the wants of the user but still allow for creativity and the demands of the job. It can match the style of the house, (traditional, contemporary, Arts & Crafts, modern) or it can be a unique eclectic haven that fits the homeowner’s needs. If your current home office isn’t meeting your requirements you have to ask yourself why it isn’t working. Consider how lighting, storage, and custom design can get you closer to your dream. Also consider if the home office will be a multipurpose room in your house. Will it be off limits to family or be a shared comfortable space for the kids to work on their homework alongside you? Texture, color and details can help to keep the room inviting and accessibility to an outdoor space is a plus. Many work-at-home entrepreneurs report that this flexibility of being able to quickly change the environment can stimulate creative ideas.

What is your must have in your home office? What is your dream for your home office? Let us know in the comments.

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