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15 Ways to Celebrate Fall in Colorado

For many Americans fall is the favorite season. October is an especially beautiful month all over the country. But for many locals, fall in Colorado is spectacular. Aspen leaves turn to shimmering gold. Mountain vistas are breathtaking. The temperature generally stays in the mid ‘60’s. And there’s plenty of sunshine. You won’t want to miss… Read more »

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6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Home Furnishings

Once you have officially closed on your new home, the fun truly begins. If this is your first real home, you may need to upgrade from your college futon and your mattress on a floor. If you are simply moving from a smaller home to a larger one, you may be aware that some of your furnishings might need to be upgraded or replaced. We have a few helpful hints to ensure that you make wise decisions about the new furnishings that you purchase for your new home.

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Bathrooms are often the last rooms that we think about customizing or remodeling, even though we spend quite a bit of time in them. We get ready for the day in our bathrooms, whether it is with a brisk hop through a shower or a longer routine with our makeup and hair. We wash away the remains of the day in the evening, whether it’s with a long soak in the tub or removing our makeup before our heads hit the pillows. We have 5 simple ideas that you can do in a weekend to make your bathroom work better for you, however you use the space.

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Home decoration Tips

Even the most seasoned home decorators and interior designers benefit from a dash of inspiration from time to time. There are dozens (if not hundreds) of wonderful interior design websites and blogs on the Internet today. The list below features four of our favorites – each one chock-full of tips and trends to help you turn your living space into a work of art.

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home media trends in 2016

Gone are the days when “home media center” meant a particleboard cabinet filled with a hefty TV, VCR, and various odds and ends. Today’s home media center can act almost as the brain of the home, and be so much more than just a place to park the kids while you are making dinner. Several technology trends are helping to create a media center that works for you.

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tips to declutter your home

The holidays often bring excess. Some of it, such as the endless supply of peppermint bark and eggnog, seem wonderful. When the new year arrives, most of us want to get rid of the excess, whether it is the few additional pounds from the eggnog or the excess of stuff in our homes. We cannot help with the eggnog weight gain, but we do have a few ideas about simplifying your home and getting rid of the excess.