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why container gardening is a great option

You don’t have to be a Master Gardener to enjoy flowers and greenery. If your thumb isn’t as green as you would like or if you have ever joked about not even being able to grow mold, container gardening might be your cup of tea. There are several benefits to container gardening, and few downsides.

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outdoor kitchen

Owning a home in Colorado means that most of us try to figure out how to spend more time enjoying the Colorado outdoors. Whether we buy a house with mountain views, or just try to tailor our home to more outdoor living, any additional time outside is usually welcome. Outdoor kitchens are a great way to expand living space and take advantage of the beautiful Colorado mountain air.

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DIY Landscaping

As you drive up to your home, think about what your landscaping and exterior say about what goes on inside your home. Chances are, you have the expanse of green lawn starting to appear in the springtime warmth. You probably have a tree out front, and a handful of shrubs or bushes. In the entry, you might have a wreath from the last holiday, and a faded coir mat by the door. A few simple tweaks to your landscaping and entry can add life and energy to your home’s exterior.