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Smart Home Voice Control

Imagine controlling your home with your voice! Making your new dream home the smartest house in the neighborhood. Saddletree Homes builds new homes using Control4 smart home solutions to make your new home both beautiful and brilliant. With Control4, you can coordinate virtually all the connected devices in your house to create a personalized experience with solutions that… Read more »

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Do these 10 things after closing

You have gone through the entire process of buying your new home. From house hunting to making an offer to your final walkthrough, you have made it through every last step. Every last document has been signed and dated, and you literally hold the keys to your future in your hand. It may seem like the process is finished, but it is really just beginning. We have a few of the first steps that you should take after your closing.

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New Home Master Bathrooms

Modern bathroom design is moving towards a cleaner, simpler, more contemporary aesthetic. While cozy, rustic bathrooms have been popular for some time, the new master bathroom showcases clean lines and follows the same minimalistic design as the rest of the home. Rather than the snug rooms with white walls and compact shower and bathtub combos… Read more »

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New homes in winter

If the polar vortex of early 2014 taught people anything, it is that when temperatures drop to extreme levels, utility prices skyrocket. Utility costs rise because of demand and the stresses that the demand and extreme temperatures have on the electrical grid. The stresses on the energy grid caused many utility companies to incur ancillary… Read more »