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Back to School in Colorado Springs

School is back in session officially. Whether your children are just starting out in preschool, kindergarten, or elementary school or have graduated high school and left for the first year of college; there is a lot of excitement around the beginning of a school year and for some a level of anxiety. Monday, 08/14/2017, marked… Read more »

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Congrats Class of 2017

The celebration of graduation is in the air and we will soon see the fly over’s during the Air Force Graduation, as well as, celebrating the graduates of¬†University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Throughout the month and continuing into June and July, area high schools, colleges and technical schools fill the weekends with ceremony and festivities…. Read more »

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prepare kids for new school

Changing schools can be a challenge for kids, no matter what their age. Younger kids may find the prospect scary simply because change is frightening. Older children may find a new school daunting because they already have friends and activities. When a move requires switching schools, there are several things that you can do to help kids adjust to a new school.

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tips for transitioning to a new school

Moving can be both exciting and stressful for kids. Adults understand how the process works, but children can feel like their entire world is turning upside down. This holds especially true with children in relation to their school life. Different ages have different challenges with moving, but there are several things that you can do to ease the transition.

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Did you see you the recent article in the Denver Post about a young blonde girl having a conversation with the hostess at a Chinese restaurant in Mandarin? Our world is changing and it is getting smaller. Many children today are no longer learning spanish as their second language but embracing languages that will be… Read more »