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colorado-springs-hbaWhen you begin looking for a new home builder, a good place to start is the Colorado Springs Housing and Building Association. The trade group works with all of the established and most credible builders in the community.

CSHBA members are committed to the community

Selecting a home builder who is a member of the CSHBA means you’re working with someone who has committed to the community. That’s more important than you might realize.

It means the builders are here to stay. During the economic downturn, many national builders went bankrupt or quit doing business in Colorado Springs. They weren’t here to stand by their products or honor home warranties when things went wrong with clients’ houses. CSHBA members have a relationship with Colorado Springs and a sense of obligation to the community they serve.

Membership makes neighbors of builders

Colorado Springs home builders have to live and do business in the community, which means reputation is everything. They will do what’s needed to make sure their clients feel they’ve been treated fairly, ensuring contractors and those who work with them feel good about the builder and the end product.

HBA members have more resources

When you choose a Colorado Springs home builder who is a member of the HBA, you know the builder has connections to the local contractors needed to finish your home on time and on budget.

That’s especially important in times like these. Many contractors moved away or started in new professions during the downturn. Now that builders are busy again, it’s hard to find contractors with the time to do the work. The local HBA creates a network of reputable professionals who can call upon each other when they need help.

Research your home builder

Choosing a home builder who is a member of the CSHBA is a good start. But make sure you research builders, talk with them and see some of their past projects before you commit to work with one.

Of course, Saddletree Homes has been a member of the CSHBA from the company’s beginning in the community. We planted roots in Colorado Springs, and part of doing that was establishing a strong relationship with the local building community.