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why container gardening is a great optionYou don’t have to be a Master Gardener to enjoy flowers and greenery. If your thumb isn’t as green as you would like or if you have ever joked about not even being able to grow mold, container gardening might be your cup of tea. There are several benefits to container gardening, and few downsides.

Why you should grow in containers

Container gardening is popular for many reasons. First, it is incredibly easy, whether you are a seasoned gardener or a complete novice. Container gardening can offer almost instant gratification, instead of having to wait seasons for trees and shrubbery to grow in. However you decide to garden, container gardening can fit both your style and your personality. You can choose sleek metal containers to grow vibrant green grasses or you can use a whimsical red wagon to grow dozens of bright pansies. Whatever the reason, container gardening is an easy and fun way to enjoy summertime flowers and plants.

What you need

One of the huge upsides to container gardening is its ease. Rather than needing a shed full of equipment, you need 3 basics:

  • containers
  • soil
  • seeds or plants

You can be as simple or as complicated as you want with these 3 things.

Containers can be $1 terra cotta pots from the local home improvement store or beautiful fired pottery pieces. Containers are a great way to bring in your style to your planting.

Buy good soil for the plants you are going to use, whether you pick a basic potting soil for flowers or a special mix for succulents.

Finally, decide of you are going to use seeds or plants. Growing from seed requires a bit more time and work, but is more economical. Plants are slightly more expensive, but give you the instant gratification.

Creative containers

You are limited only by your imagination with the containers that you choose. Home improvement stores offer a variety of pots, whether you want terra cotta or glazed pottery pieces.

Beyond the typical pots, you can make a container garden out of almost anything. Little red wagons, galvanized tubs, old bird baths, bright colanders, and old toolboxes are just a few ideas to get you started with your containers. Succulents can even be planted in seashells or teacups, so you can see that literally any container can be used for a garden. Pick items that fit both your decor and your style. Have fun with this part of the gardening!

Good plants

Most flowers and smaller plants can grow well in containers but some will grow better than others. Bright annuals are great choices, offering colorful cheer within minutes. Pansies and peonies are instant gratification, and geraniums come in a host of colors.

Several vegetables and most herbs will grow great in containers. A tub full of kale makes both a delicious and dramatic addition to your deck decor. Tea tins or clay pots filled with mint and basil are attractive container plants that will be welcome for more than just the summer season. Succulents, such as Hens and Chicks are incredibly easy to grow, whether you want them in whimsical tea tins or larger pots.

Whatever you choose to grow in your containers, have fun creating colorful gardens around your home. Container gardening can be started quickly and will bring months of color and joy to your home.