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6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Home Furnishings

6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Home Furnishings

Finding the perfect home furnishings can start in your whether you are closing on your new home or when you have the idea of building your new home. Picking out your dream homes furniture is where the fun truly begins.

If this is your first real home, you may need to upgrade from your college futon and your mattress on a floor. If you are simply moving from a smaller home to a larger one, you may be aware that some of your furnishings might need to be upgraded or replaced.

We have a few helpful hints below to ensure that you make wise decisions about the new furnishings that you purchase for your new home.


6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Home Furnishings


1. Have a plan

Know what furnishings you need and know what will work well in your new surroundings. Planning may feel overwhelming, but it truly does matter. Think about what pieces will make sense in your new floor plan. Try to be discerning about what you have and want to keep. You may have a great dining room table, and simply need pieces to go around it. Decide what pieces take priority and what pieces can wait.


2. Measure, measure, measure!

A new house requires measuring. Know the dimensions of your rooms. When you begin shopping for new furniture, you want to get it right the first time. Pieces can vary by a few inches, and those mere inches can matter immensely. A couch that overlaps into the natural path of a room will drive you mad, and a table that is a few inches too small will always feel “off” in a spacious dining room. Measure your room and then measure the pieces. When you find a piece that might be “the one,” measure it and then go home and make sure that it will fit in your new space.


3. Shop around

Furniture stores for every budget are available in the area. Whether you are on an IKEA budget, a Crate & Barrel budget, or a custom interior designer budget, many choices are available when you shop for furnishings. Commit to the idea of shopping around and seeing what is available. When you visit several stores, you will get a feel for what feels right for your new home.

Don’t have time to shop! Check out Pinterest for the latest trends in home furnishing, decorating and more.


4. Quality, not quantity

No matter what you are spending on your new furnishings, always go for the best quality that you can. A little research can mean that you will buy a couch that lasts through the years. Small details matter. Dovetail joints point to a much higher quality wood piece than staples. Solid wood lasts longer than laminate wood. Eight-way hand-tied springs provide years of durability, while drop in springs may not stand up to a busy household. Learning even these small details about furnishings can help you make wise choices about the pieces you buy.


5. Keep it timeless

A good rule of thumb when purchasing furniture for your new home is to try to buy classic pieces. Whether you prefer Americana or Mid-Century Modern, clean lines and classic designs will buy you years of enjoyment with your decisions. Your furnishings will often be the backdrop for the rest of your personality to shine through, so keep the furnishings as timeless as possible. If you buy a couch in a strong chevron design, you may find yourself tiring of it in a couple of years, and wanting to replace the piece.


6. Have fun with the small stuff

While trying to keep your furniture choices as timeless and possible, remember to have fun with your accessories. Smaller pieces are where you can bring in fun little touches. Buy a handful of chevron pillows, or owl bookends. Keeping the trendy items small simply gives you the freedom to freshen your space up without having to worry about replacing big ticket items when you tire of a trend.

Do your homework when you shop for furnishings for your new home. Keep our ideas in mind. Enjoy the process, especially the part where you can lean back on your comfy couch and put your feet on the new footstool!

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