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freshen up your entry this springColorado often has winters that can seem to go on forever. After months of snow boots, thick jackets, and other wintertime necessities being dropped in your entry, it might be looking a little worse for the wear. A great way to get into the mood for springtime and warmer weather is to look at revamping your entryway.



How many shovels do you really need now? Is there a pile of snow toys in the corner of your outer porch? Are there dozens of mismatched mittens and gloves, hidden under a large heap of winter jackets? Look at your entryway, indoors and outdoors, with a discerning eye, and start clearing it of all of the unnecessary extras. Shovels can start to migrate back to their proper place in the garage. Sleds and winter toys can go back into storage, out of the way until winter weather returns. Gloves and mittens can find their matches and be put away for several months. Most coats and jackets can be stored away for the season, although keeping one out for each family member is a wise idea.


Clean it out

Now, look at what is left after you have removed the clutter. Is there a mound of dirty snow in the corner of your entry? Are there cobwebs around your front door and light fixtures? Nose prints and fingerprints all over a storm door or windows? Tackle all of these leftovers from winter. Remove cobwebs and dirty snow from the porch and entry. Clean the layers of winter off of your glass, and wipe down every surface that might be covered in mud or dirt. Once you have cleaned all of the grime from the long winter out of your entry, you can start to think about bringing a bit of springtime and fresh life into the area.


Bring in the light

After you have done the spring cleaning and decluttering, you can have fun with your entryway. Remember, it is the first thing that most people see when they come to your home. This is a good thing to keep in mind as you freshen it up. Change your entry mat to a fresh and fun one. Splurge on a wreath that is bright and beautiful- it will make you happy every time you approach your door. If you have chairs or a porch bench near your front door, get some bright new pillows or cushions for them. Make sure your porch lights have working bulbs.

Continue to think about making it light and welcoming inside the door of your entryway. Have a fresh rug for guests to wipe their feet on. Put some fresh flowers or plants on an entry table, along with a beautiful bowl for keys to be dropped into. Remember to have enough light inside your entryway- overhead lights might need fresh bulbs, and sconces or tabletop lamps will also make your entry inviting.


After months of slushy snow and slick ice, getting your home into shape for spring can be a breath of fresh air. Starting in your entryway is a great way to get rid of the winter blues, and welcome the warmer months into your home!