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things to do for summer deckThe days are growing longer, and you probably feel the urge to venture outside more. Meals out on deck and hours spent enjoying the sun are part of a Colorado summer, but you want to make sure that your deck is ready for the season. We have a few helpful ideas to ensure that your deck is in tiptop shape for the coming months.



Your first item on the agenda for getting your deck summer-ready should be to do an overall inspection. Note if railings are loose, stain is wearing away, or if there are any structural concerns that might have become issues during the winter months. Look for rotting wood, loose nails or screws, cracked planks or anything else that needs to be fixed.



Getting your deck ready for the season might not be a glamorous job, but it will be worth it when you are sipping a beer or enjoying the sunset later in the season. For now, cleaning is an important step before you do anything else to your deck. Get rid of any of the grime that has built up over the winter months. Power washing is the most efficient way to clean your deck, and will rid even the darkest corners of dead leaves, cobwebs, or other debris. Move any of your potted plants or furniture off of the deck so that your next maintenance steps will be easier.


Stain or re-seal

Once your deck is totally dry from the power-washing and cleaning, it is time to think about re-sealing or staining your wood. This is an important part of maintenance and can prolong the life of your deck by several years.

Decide what color works best for your home, remembering that stains allow the beauty of the wood grain to show through. Sealers will also protect the wood from UV rays and everyday living. This process can take a couple of days, whether you decide to do it yourself or hand it off to the professionals, but it will make your deck look beautiful and new again.



Not the most fun step in preparing your deck for the summer months, but this is perhaps the most important step. Whether you are comfortable doing deck repairs yourself, or if you feel better handing them off to a professional, make sure that they are done properly, to save yourself heartache later. Replace loose or rotting boards with new wood, reinforce wobbly railings or stairs, and make sure that nails and screws are tight.


Make it welcoming

Now, the fun part begins! You have cleaned, repaired, and stained your deck. All of the hard part is done. Move your furniture and planters back onto the deck. Invest in some bright new cushions. Hang some ambient lighting around for evening entertaining. Plant some bold flowers in your planters, making the deck and bright and welcoming sanctuary to relax in. Grab a glass of wine, grill a steak, and enjoy Colorado living as it is meant to be enjoyed!