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thanksgiving-saddletree-homesYes, it’s true those are Christmas decorations at the supermarket. While some retailers (specifically Nordstrom’s) have made it a point to not promote Christmas and the Holiday Season until after Thanksgiving other retailers are pushing it even closer together. I just read this morning that Wal-Mart has decided to move Black Friday to Thanksgiving Day…no more getting up at ridiculously early hours for Black Friday, just clean up those Thanksgiving leftovers and head on over to Wal-Mart at 8:00 p.m. Thanksgiving night.

It kind of makes me nostalgic for the holiday seasons of my childhood where waiting for each particular holiday was part of the thrill. Remember when the time between Halloween and Thanksgiving wasn’t filled with Christmas and holiday ads? When you couldn’t wait for the day after Thanksgiving because that was the day that Christmas music started playing on the radio, the city trees were lit, the stores were decorated and we slowly eased into the magic of the Holiday Season. There’s something about seeing a decorated Christmas tree in early November that seems rushed.

This year Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 22nd, which means in a few days the countdown to Christmas and the Holiday Season begins. On Facebook, a month of gratitude began on November 1st with friends and family members posting what they are grateful for every day. Not only does this extend the spirit of  Thanksgiving but it was a big relief from the political barbs we became accustomed too.

A few years ago I started a Thanksgiving Day tradition with family and friends where dinner didn’t officially begin until we went around the table and stated what we were most grateful for during the year. After listening to all of the statements of gratitude our grace before dinner became even more meaningful. This year Colorado Springs has even more to be grateful for.

We can all be grateful knowing that our community is on the road to recovery from the fires this summer and Saddletree Homes is proud to be part of the rebuilding effort. We are grateful that our friends and neighbors continue to show support for the victims of the Waldo Canyon Fire. On October 21st, more than 1000 Waldo’s participated in the Waldo Waldo 5K Walk and Run which benefitted the Waldo Canyon Fire Relief Efforts and more runs/walks benefitting Waldo Canyon fire victims are already scheduled for 2013 including The Color Run sponsored by The Color Run and Pikes Peak United Way.

What are you most grateful for this year? What Thanksgiving traditions did you bring to your family?

Colorado Springs will officially begin the Holiday Season on December 1st at 5:50 p.m. with the 28th Annual Colorado Springs Festival of Lights Parade. The theme of this year’s parade is “Home for the Holidays.”   I was happy to read that they chose Forest Supervisor Jerri Marr for the Grand Marshall this year. Jerri Marr has been an incredible support person to the Pikes Peak Community and the community wants to honor and thank her for her strength and leadership during and after the Waldo Canyon Fire. If you’re new to the Colorado Springs community don’t miss out on this parade. It’s a fun and free annual event. A good way to meet your new and old neighbors, experience Downtown Colorado Springs and welcome in the holiday season with marching bands, floats, lights and of course, Santa Claus, who will be riding in on a brand new hand-crafted sleigh! Watching the kids faces light up as each float passes by adds to the excitement!

What do you think? Do you like the rush of the holiday season or would you rather retailers wait until after the day after Thanksgiving to start the season?