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eco-builders-d-fenceAfter the tragedies of the Waldo Canyon Fire in 2012 and the devastating wildfires in Black Forest this year, more builders and homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their homes and their properties exposure to wildfires.

The US Fire Administration as well as Colorado State University offer good information for planning and creating a 30 to 100 foot safety zone around your home (defensible space) but what if you could create an even safer space by using a building product that could potentially save your home. For the homeowners who lost their homes in the fires and have made the decision to rebuild there are a lot of decisions that need to be made. One of the questions we regularly hear as a home builder from our customers is, “How can my new home be built safer?” Another common question, “Are there eco-friendly building products available?”

One option that Eco Building Products offers home builders and homeowners is a protected lumber product called Eco Red Shield. According to the manufacturer, “ this product is a major breakthrough in lumber protection and for the building industry. This revolutionary, eco-friendly lumber is protected by a coating that controls the moisture in lumber and protects the lumber from mold, wood-rot, termites and fire for the life of your home. To back it up, Eco Red Shield™ Protected Lumber comes with a 10-year warranty.”

See the Eco D-Fence withstand a wildfire

Eco Building Products are made in the United States, are affordable, eco-friendly and are a major supplier of protected lumber for the building industry in areas hard-hit by disasters in the last few years. Using protected lumber just makes sense as most homes built since the 1980’s were built with new growth lumber, which according to most builders and firefighters will burn faster as it is more porous.

If you have concerns about creating a defensible space around your home or have followed all of the recommendations but are looking for another line of protection consider the Eco D-Fence to enclose and protect your property. After watching the video on YouTube (see above) where conditions of a wildfire were recreated, the treated fence did not burn through. A normal cedar fence would have burned quickly with the “wind conditions” recreated and the dry grass that was ignited but the treated Eco D-Fence was left with just scorch marks, which according to the manufacturer can be painted over. An inexpensive line of defense that may increase the chance your home will escape wildfire.

Living in Colorado means we are surrounded by the beauty of trees including lodgepole pine, Douglas fir, and ponderosa pine. But we are well aware that drought conditions increase the threat of wildfires. It makes sense to do all we can to minimize our homes risk by creating a defensible space and using building products that can slow down the path of a wildfire. Consider using protected lumber in decks, fencing and any new construction. Ask Saddletree Homes for more information when planning your dream home in Colorado. Contact us here or call (719) 593-1400

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