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Now that spring is officially here… we can look forward to spending more time in our outdoor spaces. Outdoor spaces: considering xeriscaping?For many Coloradans this means getting our lawns back to verdant conditions. But this year due to below average snowfall and a modest amount of precipitation, water restrictions started this week on April 1, 2013. If you’ve lived in the Colorado Springs area for a while you may remember the last time water restrictions were enforced. If you’re new to this you may want to read the complete Colorado Springs Water Shortage Ordinance below.

What do strict water restrictions mean for your household? And are you prepared for strict water restrictions? How will this change your plans for landscaping your home?

From Colorado Springs Utilities:

colorado springs watering schedule residential
  • You will be limited to watering two days a week for three hours on those days.
  • It will depend on your address- those ending in odd numbers can water on Tuesday and Saturday; those with even numbers on Sunday and Wednesday.
  • The time for watering will be from 6 p.m. to 10 a.m.
  • If you don’t comply with the new restrictions you will first get an education letter, then a warning and the third strike will be a fine of up to $500.

Click here for more information on the Colorado Springs Water Shortage Ordinance.

If you think you’re doing all you can to conserve water take some time to read, 100 Ways to Conserve Water and challenge yourself and your family to save even more. Many homeowners have learned that conservation just takes some common sense, good planning and minor change to your habits. Ec0-minded gardeners have found beautiful ways to conserve water and still enjoy their outdoor spaces by choosing xeriscape plants for their front and/or back yard over the traditional green lawn.

If you are new to xeriscaping or are looking for ways to incorporate xeriscaping into your outdoor spaces take a look at The 20 Best Xeriscape Plants for Colorado.  There are herbs, shrubs, grasses and other perennials that offer ground cover, beauty and very little water or maintenance.

Xeriscape Principles, Colorado Springs Utilities

Things to do in Colorado Springs in April 2013

Colorado in Focus

Photographers take note. The Business of Art Center in Manitou Springs is now looking for entries for their Colorado in Focus exhibit. All forms of photography will be accepted; the deadline for images and payment is April 14, 2013.  Please see the BAC website for more information.  If you’d just like to attend the exhibit, mark your calendar for April 26 and see what our local photographers are focusing on. The exhibit runs through June 9. Did you know that the BAC is celebrating 25 years as a non-profit community art center?

Yuri’s Space Party
If you have a teen in your family that loves science and specifically the Space Program, mark your calendar for April 12th 6:30-9:00 p.m. Did you know that every April 12th Yuri’s Space Parties are held around the world in honor of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin? This party which includes science activities and rocket demonstrations, stargazing, food, drink and fun is a fundraiser being held at the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center to benefit the Colorado Springs Science Center Project. The cost of the ticket goes 100% to the project which hopes to build  “…a landmark, leading-edge science and technology center targeting, stimulating, and inspiring the inquisitive mind in all of us, centered in a 60,000 sq.  ft., energy-efficient, “living” structure, located within or near downtown Colorado Springs” according to the group’s Vision Statement.

Bill Cosby at the Pikes Peak Center
April 26, comic legend Bill Cosby comes back to Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Center for a sure to be sold out one night performance. He’s still getting great reviews after 50 years as a stand-up comedian. Tickets are now on sale online or at the box office.

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