About Us

Saddletree Homes has been building new homes in Colorado Springs and Monument, Colorado since 1994. We share the excitement buyers feel when they dream of their new homes. Our passion is capturing those dreams and making them realities.

We build the home you see when you close your eyes and dream!

When you purchase a home from Saddletree Homes, your imagination guides the process every step of the way. The best master trades in the area will work together to ensure every detail of your home embodies your unmistakable style and reflects the level of craftsmanship that has become synonymous with the Saddletree name.

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What's In the Name?

Lee Bolin, President, and Owner of Saddletree Homes built his first home, start to finish, in 1975. In the 1980’s he continued to build homes as a hobby in addition to running his framing business. It was during that time that the idea for Saddletree Homes began to form. Lee was looking for a name to define the longevity, artistic value, strength and high quality of the homes he was building but had troubles finding a name that was fitting.

With his daughter very involved in showing horses, Lee grew more familiar with various aspects of her hobby. One day as Lee was driving his daughter to a horse event, he saw an old worn saddle leaning against a majestic Oak Tree. He took in all its beauty and knew there were many stories that were made from that worn saddle, that vision stuck with him. 

He later learned that a “Saddletree” is the wooden support structure embedded in all saddles. Realizing that he had never seen a broken saddle, he desided that Saddletree now represents to him the strength, longevity, and artistic expression found in every home we build.

A Message From Lee Bolin

Lee shares why he moved from Southern California to Colorado Springs to build new homes.

Longevity, Strength, and Beauty

When Lee brought Saddletree Homes to Colorado in 1994 he brought with him the same quality homes he’s been building for over 45 years. During his time as a home builder Lee has been through at least five down markets and has weathered each one.

The combination of his vision and his experience and the team of people who work with him have positioned Saddletree Homes to continue to build beautiful, quality, luxury homes in the current market and for many years to come.