Meet The Builder

Lee Bolin, founder and president of Saddletree Homes, has become one of the most well known and respected custom home builders in Colorado Springs. What Saddletree Homes is today has been 45 years in the making. It started with Lee Bolin and has grown to include a team of people, each using their gifts to build a company that will withstand the ever-changing market and continue to build quality, luxury new homes at a reasonable price for years to come.

Lee Brolin


The Foundation

Lee set his first nail on May 1, 1962 as an 18-year-old on a two week vacation from his job at an airplane manufacturing company in Southern California. He knew with the first swing of the hammer that he had started a new career. Within six months Lee was running his own framing crew and after nine years had enough experience to start his own construction company in May 1971. By 1986, Lee Bolin was running the largest framing contractor in Southern California with nearly 1,200 carpenters.

If He Can Build Mickey’s House…

Lee has framed countless of buildings in his 45 years as a carpenter including schools, office buildings, apartments and homes. Lee’s most well known project has brought smiles to millions of children and adults around the world. In 1992 Lee’s company framed Disneyland’s (TM) Toontown with all its complex angles and special features. But out of all his projects, Lee is particularly proud of the 1000+ homes he has built from the ground up.

What’s in a Name?

Lee built his first home, start to finish, in 1975. In the 1980’s he continued to build homes as a hobby in addition to running his framing business. It was during that time that the idea for Saddletree Homes began to form as Lee was looking for a name to describe the longevity, the artistic value, the strength and the quality of the homes he was building.

With his daughter very involved in showing horses he grew more and more familiar with various aspects of her hobby. One day as Lee was driving he saw an old worn saddle leaning against a majestic oak tree, and that vision stuck with him.

He later learned that a “Saddletree” is the wooden support structure embedded in all saddles. Realizing that he had never seen a broken saddle, Saddletree now represents to him the strength, longevity, and artistic expression found in every home we build.

Longevity, Strength, Quality and Beauty

When Lee brought Saddletree Homes to Colorado in 1994 he brought with him the same quality homes he’s been building for over 45 years. During his time as a home builder Lee has been through at least five down markets and has weathered each one.

The combination of his vision and his experience and the team of people who work with him have positioned Saddletree Homes to continue to build beautiful, quality, luxury homes in the current market and for many years to come.