We make your new home ready for the digital age

For today’s homes, Structured Wiring is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. With this advanced electronic infrastructure in place, you can easily add the following, all of which can be controlled from an app on your smartphones and tablets:

  • Home Automation and Control
  • Whole-House Entertainment
  • Lighting Control
  • Home Networks

Wiring a home during construction is extremely cost-effective — often less than half the cost of a retrofit! That’s why Saddletree Homes and ListenUp have teamed up to provide you with sophisticated yet simple Smart Home solutions.


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Your home’s digital backbone

A Smart Home gives you the luxury of enjoying all your connected home electronic devices through one integrated system. For example, you can use an app on your phone or tablet to control thermostats, lighting, your entertainment system and more. One of the ways we make all these technologies work together and “future-proof” the home is with Structured Wiring, which combines all of the home’s communications wiring into one system. Structure Wiring makes possible:


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Automation and Control

HVAC, security cameras, motorized window treatments and more can be seamlessly integrated into one easily controlled system that dramatically increases energy efficiency and security.

Whole-House A/V

Distribute audio and video (even 4K Ultra HD) to every room you want. You’ll be able to easily access and control your entire digital music collection from an iPad, iPhone or iPod.

Lighting Control

An automated lighting control system adds a dramatic element to the home and provides optimum light for every activity and event. It also saves energy and money by turning on the proper lighting only when needed.

Wired and Wireless Home Networks

In conjunction with Structured Wiring, a robust home network is an integral element of all your electronic systems. With the prevalence of streaming audio and video content, your network’s speed and reliability are now especially important.


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The smart path to your Smart Home
To get you started, Saddletree Homes and ListenUp have created a special package of wiring and technical services…


Smart Home Starter Package

  1. Seven locations pre-wire and trim, including two port technology plate
  2. Two wireless access point prewire locations
  3. Three Ethernet prewire and trim locations
  4. Three rooms of audio prewire for keypads and in-ceiling speakers
  5. One 28-inch Structured Wiring Panel, including one Telecom module
  6. Two automated lighting loads
  • To be installed by Saddletree Homes electrical contractor
  • Programming will be provided by ListenUp
  • Basic on/off function along with automated dusk/dawn scenes included
  1. One thermostat
  • To be installed by Saddletree Homes HVAC contractor
  • Programming will be provided by ListenUp
  • Basic control of HVAC system via Savant App included
  1. One Savant Host
  • Programming includes registration and activation of Savant system
  • Includes integration of HVAC and two lighting loads
  1. Activation of Savant App for the homeowner
  • A fee may apply for remote access depending on system configuration
  1. Instruction of Savant system for the homeowner
  • ListenUp will provide up to 1 hour of personalized instruction and training within 30 days of move in


You can also add other locations and capabilities… Contact ListenUp for a free consultation!





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ListenUp: Locally owned and nationally known

Walt Stinson and Steven Weiner founded ListenUp in Denver in 1972 to provide the very best in sound reproduction. Over the years that goal has expanded to include categories such as high-definition video and total control of all a home’s electronics. Today, ListenUp is recognized as the region’s leader in design, installation and systems integration. In 2009, Walt was elected to the Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame.


ListenUp creates systems that provide state-of-the-art performance today and are easily upgradeable when the time comes. We’ll make everything easy to operate and enjoy, and we’ll always be here to stand behind our products and our work. For these reasons (and many others), ListenUp should be first on your list to contact when you’re looking for a home technology partner.