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tips for organizing your home this summerSummertime is sneaking up on us, with warm weather activities just around the corner. Whether you and your family are into camping, swimming, or simply enjoying the outdoors in your neighborhood, a few tips about summertime organization can make your coming months more enjoyable!


Organized Sports Equipment

Just because there is a school break for the summer, your children do not necessarily get a break from their sports activities. Even if they are not on school teams, sports continue through the summer. Take this time to make sure that all of their equipment is in good working order, and that everything still fits them as they grow.

Summertime is also a good time to corral their equipment into one place. Keep field hockey gear in one area, and karate equipment in another. There is a tendency to relax everything in the warm summer months, which is wonderful, but keeping sports equipment organized will lower your stress as you take kids to their different activities.


Organized Playtime

The summer months invite fun and play, and kids can take playtime pretty seriously! A little bit of organization will make getting from one fun activity to another more fun and less worrisome.

If you have smaller children who spend a lot of time at the park, take the time to get a ‘park kit’ together. Include whatever might be particularly fun and useful for your kids. This might be a beach bag filled with sand/beach toys, bouncy balls, a frisbee, or anything else that gets them playing and interacting. Then, throw in a simple first aid kit, some wet wipes, a bottle of sunscreen, a couple of water bottles, and some dried fruit or granola bars. You will be set for even a last minute park outing!


Organized Yardwork

Taking care of your yard is a regular part of the summer parts, even if you hire someone who mows the lawn. A little bit of organization will make yard work easier and less hassle, no matter how much work you have to do. The most important part of being organized with yard work is making sure that you keep all of your equipment clean, maintenanced and in working order. A lawn mower with a clean engine and sharp blades will save you immeasurable time and frustration, as will sharp shears and non-rusted tools.

Another part of keeping your yard work under control is to keep your tools in an easily accessible place and keeping them together. Having a dedicated area, whether it is a corner of your garage, a storage shed, or an actual gardening bench, for your gardening and yard tools will make more manageable to clip grass and keep flowers and plants thriving.


Organized Time

One of the most important areas to keep organized during the summer months is your time. Time cannot be corralled in the garage corner or scooped into a beach bag, but time management during the summer will save your sanity!

Keep a calendar – whether it is a paper calendar on the fridge or a virtual calendar on your computer – with all of the important dates. Deadlines for camp signups, camp dates, vacation dates, outings, playdates, and birthdays – these can all get overwhelming. But setting up a system for these will keep your summer smooth.

You might also think about putting any permission slips or important papers near the calendar or in your line of sight so that these do not get lost or misplaced! Encourage other family members to be responsible for adding to the calendar too, so that everyone has ownership of summer activities.

The summer months are obviously more relaxed than a school year packed with school activities. The longer days and warmer temperatures invite a more laidback attitude, with more opportunities for spontaneity and fun. A little bit of organization thrown in the mix will actually make your activities more fun, so enjoy your warm weather and summer adventures!