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More Summer

Labor Day is recognized as the first Monday in September and embodies both the social and economic successes of American Workers. In fact, Colorado along with Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York implemented the Labor Day holiday by legislative enactment in 1887 behind Oregon who secured state legislation earlier that same year. Per the U.S…. Read more »

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With the large number of foreclosed homes in Colorado Springs, homebuyers are considering them for their housing needs, often due to below-market pricing.  While saving upwards of 25% off the market price of a home can sound very enticing…are the risks worth the rewards? In the end, if you are not a risk taker, and would… Read more »

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Internet Search Trends If you are searching the internet for “new homes Colorado Springs” you are among thousands who are performing the same search. According to Google, in November 2009 there were approximately 8,100 searches performed related to “new homes Colorado Springs.” The search term “new homes Colorado Springs” is the most popular phrase used… Read more »

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In an article recently published on MSN Real Estate Colorado Springs was listed as one of “66 cities where buying makes sense.” Citing a publication from May 2008, “Ownership, Rental Costs and the Propects of Building Home Equity”, Marilyn Lewis from MSN Real Estate writes, “In much of the U.S., you’re better off buying despite falling home values.”… Read more »