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Warmer weather and longer evenings invite more entertaining and taking time to enjoy  friends. Barbecues on the weekend, and last minute gatherings are a great reason to make sure that you have a well-stocked bar. A little planning ahead ensures that you can make your guests comfortable and the evenings enjoyable.Home Bar Design

Many Saddletree homes have wet bars or areas that lend themselves to becoming a perfect home bar. A bit of counter space is the most important component here, but if you have additional cabinets, a sink, or a wine fridge, these are all bonus features that you can put to great use. Definitely think about how much space and storage you have, so that you can plan accordingly. You have ample space with a wet bar, but even the top of a buffet credenza can work as a home bar.


Making sure that you have basics on hand will keep you from scrambling later. An ice bucket if you don’t have an ice supply on hand is a good start. Wine and bottle openers will make your life easier, so keep a couple in both your kitchen and your bar area. A small cutting board and a citrus knife are also good to keep in the area.A mixer, strainer, and bar spoon will ensure turning out a perfect margarita, while a muddler or mortar and pestle will help with the herbs that are hot in drinks right now.


As far as glassware, you can keep it simple or go extravagant. At a minimum, keep enough rocks glasses and versatile wine glasses for a gathering of two or three couples. If you have an entire wet bar, have fun with the extra space. Red wine glasses, white wine glasses, martini glasses, rocks glasses, beer pints, and more- you can really choose to go all out with this part of your bar.

Liquors and fixings

This is the most important part of the well-stocked home bar, and varies according to each home. Keeping it simple, if you have a half dozen choices on hand, you can make a large variety of drinks from these. Plan on having bourbon, vodka, gin, tequila,and rum in your bar. These five liquors can make everything from a simple gin and tonic to a more elaborate martini.

Mixers include Cointreau for margaritas, Vermouths for martinis and Manhattans, tonic water for classic cocktails, and a variety of juices and sodas for whatever mixed drinks your guests may require.

If room permits, a few bottles of red and white wine are always a good idea to keep handy at your bar.

Fixings depend on what kind of gathering you are having- brunch might call for Bloody Mary olives, celery stalks, and pickles. Drinks on a Saturday night might call for salt and limes for margaritas, or fresh mint for a mojito.

Seating and decor

With a dedicated bar, you can really have fun decorating. If your wet bar is in your basement, grab some metal bar stools and incorporate it into your entertaining or man cave area. Whether this means creating your own recreation of a Napa Valley wine tasting room or a homage to all of your Broncos memorabilia, the bar can really reflect what you love.

If you don’t have a full wet bar, you can still give the bar area personality. Use the end of a credenza or buffet in your dining area, and corral everything on a fun tray. Pinterest and home decor websites have numerous ideas about how to make a small home bar fit into your everyday living area.

As the weather warms, keep a few basics on hand for your home bar. You will be ready for even last minute entertaining or barbecuing with friends after a long week. Make the most of your home, and enjoy a salty Margarita from your very own bar. A little bit of planning and preparation on your part with stocking the bar will make this a welcome part of your routine at home. Cheers!