Saddletree Team

the people behind the home

Blake Barcus


Chadney Barcus

It is an honor to work with our homebuyers as they articulate their dreams for their home. Our extensive custom design process takes them through all stages and expressions of their home. I get to curate the conversations, visions, and meetings that bring everything to fruition, so in the end, they see the home they closed their eyes and dreamed about. Working at Saddletree Homes is an opportunity to experience the talent of the team that is unparalleled, with each person working hard to enhance their craft while strengthening others on the team. It may be cheesy, but daily, you will hear someone say teamwork makes the dream work. Saddletree Homes is steeped in values and tradition that carries on with the tenacity and a passion for innovating.

Rich Blanco

New Home Specialist
Having been involved in the construction industry since I was a teenager, I jumped at the opportunity to join Saddletree Homes in 2016. Their reputation for valuing quality and integrity is second to none—renowned throughout the Pikes Peak region. With Saddletree, I sincerely appreciate helping people create their dream homes, serving my clients throughout the process, planning and customizing together to fulfill their needs and desires as home buyers. Originally from the northeast—New York and Pennsylvania—I’ve lived in Colorado Springs with my wife, Liz, for more than 20 years. We are involved in a local church, lead a small group, and serve in the nursery on Sunday mornings. We love the outdoors and enjoy the craft beer culture of Colorado!

Claudia Diaz

Every job is important to the home building process. My job is Construction Superintendent. I am in the field everyday checking on the process of each home, making sure everything is running smoothly and tasks are completed by the completion date so our clients' homes meet the deadline. Seeing our clients excited during the development of their home makes my job so worth it. Seeing their dreams come true is the best feeling after working so hard to create their home.

Manny Fraire

Architectural Drafter
As an Architectural Drafter I use design skills, computer-aided design and drafting systems to create blueprints for residential and other structures. I examine measurement and sketches provided by Architects and engineers to create detailed illustrations of the structures for use during construction. I enjoy the team building events we have and how Saddletree is like a small Fam-Bam.

John Gerding

Construction Superintendent
I have been in the construction industry for 40 years and still enjoy the process of building homes. As a Superintendent I manage all phases of construction for our client’s home, from digging a dirt hole, to the final walk through inspections. I value the day we turn over a finished home to our buyers so they can enjoy it for years to come!

Vincent Grabowski

Chief Operating Officer
My role at Saddletree Homes is the Chief Operating Officer. I oversee all the daily needs involving contracts, budgeting, design, construction, and warranty. I rely heavily on the team of people that work here, without them nothing would be accomplished. Over my 15 years with the company I have enjoyed watching and participating in making our clients dream a reality. Everyone at Saddletree always does their best work for our clients which means we have not only built homes for them but also strong relationships with our clients.

Rosemary Iverson


Jonathan Keenan

Construction Assistants provide support to Construction Project Managers and help them with operational and clerical tasks. Typical duties described in a Construction Assistant position include monitoring costs, ordering construction materials, liaising with contractors, coordinating workers, identifying construction project mistakes, and making sure safety standards are being followed. The best part about it all is getting to learn new things from multiple perspectives and people to help contribute to future growth.

Nicole Lewis

Construction Superintendent
I am passionate about the construction industry as I have been involved in it for many years. I thrive in managing the construction of several homes at once from excavation to closing. My favorite part is being able to witness and hear about the excitement and happiness the buyers have during the process.

Scott Lopez

Construction Superintendent

Susan Lynch


Harlan Mager

Architectural Designer
Aloha, my name is Harlan and my specialty and primary roll at Saddletree Homes is exterior and interior Architectural Design. I have been designing and crafting most all of Saddletree's exteriors for a majority of their history in Colorado Springs, creating the award-winning curb appeal Saddletree is so famously known for. Although most of my time is spent in the office on designs and plan production, I also spend some time in the field, working together with our field team and trades to insure that design integrity is carried into construction. My department is sometimes referred to as "The Land of And", since I can help design almost infinite possibilities to the buyer's content. This means my favorite thing about working at Saddletree is the opportunity to personally work together with buyers and the creative freedom we have to express their individual needs and wants in regards to living space and functional design quality into every aspect of their home.

Natalie Nelson

Architectural Department Manager

Jon Prosch


Alex Petersen

Marketing Assistant
As the Marketing Assistant at Saddletree, I have the pleasure of showcasing our homes from framing to closing day, through a variety of social media platforms. I thoroughly enjoy providing stunning, innovative visuals through the home building process for our clients and viewers to appreciate as much as we do. Along with managing our social media, I work closely with our Sales Team, providing them with new and updated marketing handouts for our clients convenience. I have always been passionate about residential construction because my Dad owns his own construction company. Saddletree has grown that passion and allowed me to learn so much more about the home building process.

Kyle Sheets

My job is to essentially take care of the warranty of every home and assist the home owner's acclimate to their new home with orientation walks. What I like most about my job at Saddletree is being able to build new relationships with our clients and staff. Everyone I work with is amazing and I appreciate all the hard work they put into their work for our clients.

Rachel Sheets

Design Assistant
I enjoy working at Saddletree and it is an exciting company to work for. I work behind the scenes to support our departments and trade partners in building Dream Homes. Being involved in different aspects of the processes and seeing how each person on our team contributes to creating such beautiful homes for people makes me really appreciate this company and all the employees.