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Jeff Ahner

Architectural Design Manager
I have worked in the building industry since 1993. Starting as a draftsman and eventually design and then architectural project management. My role at Saddletree is to get the plans drawn to meet the buyers expectations and then turn them into working drawings,then to get them approved at our local building department. I have been married to my wife for 27 years and have two adult sons. I love spending time with family and friends. My hobby is building and restoring classic cars.

Thomas Allison

My role as the detailer is to make sure your home is as beautiful as possible. I love being able to pay attention to the small details that make the bigger picture that much more. We have an amazing team and I enjoy everyone working together to make your dreams come true. This team is my family away from home. Speaking of family, this company is very family oriented and welcomed my son like he was their own. You will feel that by choosing Saddletree as your builder.

Blake Barcus


Chadney Barcus

Working in the home building industry and expanding on years in the Real Estate Industry is an honor. My role works in all facets of our extensive custom building process, from home buyers to sub-contractors and business development. I have the privilege of curating the conversations, visions, and meetings to support creating the home they see when they close their eyes and dream. Working at Saddletree Homes is an opportunity to experience the team's unparalleled talent and longevity, with each person working hard to enhance their craft while strengthening others on the team. Saddletree Homes is steeped in values and traditions that continue with tenacity and a passion for innovating.

Kelly Burke

Operations Manager
In my role, I have the privilege of translating our clients' aspirations and visions into building their dream homes. It's a profound responsibility and an art form. Every day, I collaborate closely with our dedicated team and skilled tradespeople to transform plans and blueprints into tangible reality at our build sites. It's a dynamic and hands-on process that keeps me on my toes, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

What truly fuels my passion for this work is being part of a builder who genuinely cares about the lasting impact we're making in our community. We don't just construct houses; we craft homes where cherished memories are born. It's a legacy we are proud to leave behind, reflecting our commitment to quality, integrity, and the satisfaction of our clients.

Ashlyn Drewry

Design Studio Manager
As the Design Studio Lead, I have the privilege of assisting our homeowners while they create the home they see when they close their eyes and dream. With a bachelor’s degree in interior design from Colorado State University and almost a decade of experience in commercial and high end residential, I am truly passionate about all aspects of design. My role revolves around guiding our homeowners through a seamless preconstruction experience, where dreams are articulated into concrete plans.

Jose Estrada

Construction Manager
My role as a Superintendent with Saddletree Homes is to oversee the build of your home from planning to completion. My duties are to manage, plan, and schedule the daily operations on the construction site. After 20 years in construction, 13 of those years as a Superintendent, I take pride in building and delivering a beautiful home that exceeds our clients expectations. Being a part of this process, from working with our great clients and working with such a great team, it never gets old seeing our clients smiles when they walk into their finished home. In my spare time I enjoy watching football and rooting for my San Francisco 49ers! I also enjoy bbq'ing and spending time with my family and friends.

Vincent Grabowski

Chief Operating Officer
My role at Saddletree Homes is the Chief Operating Officer. I oversee all the daily needs involving contracts, budgeting, design, construction, and warranty. I rely heavily on the team of people that work here, without them nothing would be accomplished. Over my 15 years with the company I have enjoyed watching and participating in making our clients dream a reality. Everyone at Saddletree always does their best work for our clients which means we have not only built homes for them but also strong relationships with our clients.

Jonathan Keenan

Construction Assistants provide support to Construction Project Managers and help them with operational and clerical tasks. Typical duties described in a Construction Assistant position include monitoring costs, ordering construction materials, liaising with contractors, coordinating workers, identifying construction project mistakes, and making sure safety standards are being followed. The best part about it all is getting to learn new things from multiple perspectives and people to help contribute to future growth.

Claire Keckritz

Finance Department Lead
I work closely with our Subcontractors and Superintendents to assure accuracy in billing and payments. This involves reviewing subcontractor bids to ensure accurate numbers, matching client selections, approving bids, and paying subcontractors.

I help with Design and Admin duties such as maintaining current subcontractor insurance, entering client design selections, and auditing jobs at the end of construction. Though I work in the background, I love how essential my job is in helping " Build The Home You See When You Close Your Eyes and Dream!"

Susan Lynch


Josh McCausland

Construction Superintendent
I've been deeply immersed in the construction world since I was a kid. Building things is a passion that I continue to develop, and I relish every aspect of the building process. Each day brings something new and exhilarating, making this career an ever-evolving adventure. The ability to problem solve that comes with the territory is what truly makes it all worthwhile for me. I pour my passion into every build, striving for excellence in every detail. My ultimate goal is to transform dreams into reality, leaving each and every client utterly enamored with their dream home. This journey is more than just a profession; it's a lifelong pursuit of creating spaces that inspire and delight and bringing forth what you see when you close your eyes and dream.