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In our modern era, you hear an awful lot of hype about energy efficiency – how important it is, and how awesome the benefits are. But what does it really mean? What benefits do you get by having an energy efficient home?

Saving Money

home energy efficiency ratingsOne of the most obvious (and most crucial advantages for many) is the substantial savings you can achieve. Energy costs are a concern for many homeowners. However, if you have an energy efficient home, you dramatically reduce the cost of your energy bills by simply reducing the amount of energy you waste.

The initial outlay you have to expend, you quickly recoup in energy savings. The money you save over the lifetime of the improvements far exceeds the initial cost of them. If you make your home particularly energy efficient and combine that with sustainable energy harvesting or generation in the form of solar panels, a wind turbine, or hydro-energy system, you can offset your outlay costs even faster by selling any excess energy you generate back to the energy companies.

Saving the Environment

Making the most of every unit of energy you use is beneficial for the environment as well as your check book. Whether you generate your own energy or purchase it from an energy company, every unit you consume increases your carbon footprint. Making sure you put each and every unit to a useful purpose by having an energy efficient home ensures you waste less, consume fewer units, and reduce your carbon footprint. Generating your own sustainable energy, when combined with an optimal energy efficient home, ensures you are helping to preserve the planet and its natural resources for future generations.

More Comfort

Energy efficiency means your home wastes little to no energy and may entail having cavity wall insulation installed, along with double or triple glazing, or new window frames. This prevents hot air from escaping in the winter, or cool air from an air conditioner escaping during the summer.

As such, you expend less energy and less money to heat or cool your home and keep the people living under its roof comfortable. In homes that lack energy efficiency, you often find the area close to the heating system to be unbearably hot, while areas around windows and doors are uncomfortably cool. In an energy efficient home, the climate stays constant throughout the entire living space, with negligible temperature variations throughout the house.

Future Property Value

Although you may initially think you’ll be staying in your home forever, you may decide to sell somewhere along the line. By making your home energy efficient, you actually make it far more attractive to potential buyers, which allows you to achieve a higher price when you do sell. People are becoming ever more concerned with their energy costs and the impact they have on the environment. So, presenting buyers with an energy efficient home is a great way of increasing your property value.

Optimal Performance

If your home is energy efficient, your heating, lighting, and other energy systems do not have to work as hard. This optimizes their performance and their lifespan. It also decreases the frequency with which they require maintenance and repair. This saves you both money and hassle.

Saddletree Homes’ Energy Advantage

Every Saddletree home is Energy Advantage qualified, providing greater energy efficiency to benefit homeowners and the environment. To learn more about our Energy Advantage home program, contact Saddletree Homes today.