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Master Planned Communities are becoming an increasingly popular choice for home buyers seeking comfort, convenience and genuine sense of community.

Multiracial Thumbs Up Against Blue SkyA Master Planned Community is essentially a large-scale, planned community that encompasses residential units, fitness and recreational services, and business and retail units. Designed to be self-sufficient, master planned communities undergo rigorous planning from the very beginning to ensure optimal positioning of roads, residential units, recreational services, and business sites.

This is opposed to regular settlements and neighborhoods that grow and expand in an ad-hoc fashion, with no real thought given to ergonomics or practicality. Master planned communities are generally built on previously undeveloped areas, giving developers a “blank canvas” to work with.

Some of the primary benefits of living in a master planned community include:


Accessibility is one of the chief benefits of master planned communities. With every minor detail carefully considered, roads are placed in a way that optimizes traffic flow. Many communities also incorporate separate paths for pedestrians and cyclists.


Many people favor master planned communities because of the convenience. While perks vary between communities, common amenities include swimming pools and fitness facilities, community centers, resident classes and events, schools, parks, and cafes. Additionally, master planned communities are generally located near commercial centers housing markets, restaurants, bars, shops, banks, salons, and more.

Open Space

Those who participate in the development of master planned communities recognize the importance of including generous open space. Many master planned communities design green space to create parks, commons, woodlands, and trails. The careful forethought that goes into a master planned community ensures land is used economically and efficiently. Communal landscaping is exquisitely maintained, making sure the community always looks its best.


Many communities carefully consider environmental sustainability, future-proofing, and the conservation of natural features and environmentally-sensitive areas. Increased energy efficiencies help to care for the environment while saving you money.


Sense of community and shared responsibility are two traits that are very appealing to many people. Master planned communities tend to attract like-minded individuals, instilling a sense of community pride and togetherness. Communities often promote social activity, meetings, and reliable governance.

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