8 Great Things About Buying a Brand New Home

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After searching the market high and low, you have discovered that no pre-existing homes fit your needs. A brand new home in a newer community fits what your family needs.

Your choice of details

Being the first owner of a home means that you usually get to pick out many of the features. A home can truly be yours when you pick out everything from the paint colors to the tilework to the handles on each door. Choosing details in a new home means that you don’t have to immediately change decor that someone else picked when you move in.

Lot options

Often, when you buy a brand new home, you get to pick from a variety of lots. You can pick a large corner lot that gives you possibilities for your green thumb, or you can pick a lot that affords amazing views of the front range. Backing up to a golf course or a walking trail might also be options with a brand new build, where you don’t often get this freedom of choice with a pre-existing house.

Modern floorplans

Most newly constructed homes have floor plans that work well with today’s busy lifestyles. Brand new homes often have very open floor plans, or at least a great room concept. This is usually preferably to the small blockish rooms that are found in many older homes.

Kitchens with large bar areas leading out to a living area are a mainstay of new builds, instead of the tight galleys or closed off kitchens that flow poorly in pre-existing homes. New homes also tend to make master bedrooms more of a master suite, which is usually a very desirable trait in comparison to an older home with a small master and an even smaller water closet.

Premium features

When purchasing a brand new build, many beautiful features are standard or available for a small price. Replacing formica or hunter green tile counters would be an expensive ordeal in an older house, but granite or quartz would be an effortless option in a new home. Buying a pre-existing home might mean you get all of the decade old almond appliances with sketchy features, but purchasing a new construction will almost guarantee that you will get beautiful and efficient appliances.

Fewer repairs

A new home rarely needs repairs. A 2015 roof will typically withstand weather for far longer than a roof that has been through years of Colorado storms and sun. New homes have brand new pipes, air conditioning, and furnaces, so they should be worry-free for at least a few years.


Older homes often are less efficient than new homes. Windows might be single-paned or have faulty seals. Insulation might be a lower quality or non-existent. Appliances and heating systems may be of low efficiency, and cause your utility bills to be high. New homes are typically built with efficiency taken into consideration along every step of the build. Triple paned windows, high efficiency appliances, excellent insulation, and many other construction details can make a brand new home much more appealing as far as efficiency.


A huge draw with new homes is that they are often within planned communities. These communities usually have so many amenities that you will not even need to leave them on a daily basis. Depending on the neighborhood you pick, you might have rolling trails or a community pool. A soccer field or park for the little ones might be a block from your home. Some communities will have a recreation center with something for every member of the family.

Your home

At the end of the day, a brand new home is your home. Yours alone. You can move into a home where you have picked every detail, large and small. Instead of moving in and needing to undo the dusty rose sponge colored walls or stained carpet from prior owners, you can immediately begin to just enjoy the home you built.

Enjoying your house from the day that you turn the key in the lock will make you happy that you went with a brand new home over an older build, every time!

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